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Изложба на картини с цветя - "За дамите с любов"

Online exhibition "for ladies with love"

Artist D. Stoykova

Exhibition of flower paintings in the month of women

01.03 - 08.04.2022

Online art gallery "Daniela Stoykova" presents a virtual spring exhibition of paintings with flowers, under the heading "For the Ladies with Love". It is dedicated to the month of women - March (International Women's Day) and to the arrival of the first spring.

So one of the most beautiful and tender women's months is approaching - March. Although with a masculine warrior name, the month of the woman stands out with strong emotionality and inconstant time, just like the moods of the fairer sex. Moreover, precisely on March 8 we celebrate the national and international women's day. There is nothing more appropriate than to represent the month through art with a selection of lovely flower paintings. Because they, like humanity's gentle half, bring color and beauty to the world.

The exhibition of oil paintings "For the ladies with love" is dedicated to the month of women and theirs holiday March 8, as well as the arrival of the first astronomical spring. Soon we will replace snow, cold and gloomy weather with blooming trees, green grass, warmth and sunshine. We will be handing out martenits and enjoying the storks that howl their nests. And on March 21, when the vernal equinox arrives, we will welcome the first spring with the colorful paintings of the artist Daniela Stoykova. Snowdrops, tulips, daffodils, violets, hyacinths and many, many more wonderful flowers for our cheerful mood!

We present to you the colorful exhibition of hand painted paintings "For the ladies with love". Enjoy these original, memorable oil paintings by artist D. Stoykova. All the paintings are painted with a special technique and layering a large amount of paint with putty. This makes them highly embossed, bright, bright and non-standard. The artist's style is clearly recognizable and already known to the Bulgarian public, mainly art connoisseurs.

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Daniela Stoykova about the exhibition:
"With this exhibition of art paintings with flowers, I would like to present a "bouquet of flowers" in the form of oil paintings of Bulgarian women, mothers, wives, girlfriends, grandmothers, sisters. I would like to pay tribute through my art to Bulgarian teachers, doctors, nurses, scientists, intellectuals, and all the ladies, who have contributed to women's equality in history; for nowadays to be emancipated, strong and independent!

I think we should pay the necessary attention to each of our loved ones, give her a flower, show her love, respect and also to reflect on what the women of our past have achieved! Women's Month is the perfect time for this look back at the history of our lovely ladies.

The paintings are suitable for the gentle creatures that bear the names of flowers. Flower, Rose, Violet, Margarita and others. To my mother - Lilia, I dedicate the lily painting "Orange Inspiration".

The beauty of women and flowers inspires me every year to paint new, colorful, bright flower paintings. Flowers and art make the world a better place to live. And women are like flowers – unique and beautiful, tender but adaptable, capable of being very firm and decisive at any given moment. Just like flowers that bloom in adverse conditions, women cope with all kinds of difficult situations. Especially mothers who are ready for anything for the sake of their children!

The oil paintings from the exhibition "For Ladies with Love" are also inspired by the upcoming arrival of spring. I would like to create a good, colorful, positive mood for people with my paintings and forget about the gloomy days of winter. Spring is coming - a new beginning, a new life, the world is reborn and may the next year be better and successful for all of us! The paintings are colorful and embossed, bring positive energy, warmth, comfort and freshness.

I wish that this exhibition will bring a wonderful spring mood to all viewers, and that only warm days and positive emotions await us in March!"


Check out the rest paintings with flowers,which do not participate in the exhibition and our proposals for luxury gifts for March 8 - ready-made gift sets of a picture with beautiful packaging, a box with a ribbon, a certificate and a handmade card in an envelope.

"After women, flowers are the most fascinating thing that God has given to the world" - Christian Dior

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