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Custom paintings and portraits

The artist Daniela Stoykova offers the service - custom paintings.

You can order a painting for your home or office from a photo desired or according to your idea. The artist Daniela Stoykova paints mainly landscapes with oil colors and is specialized mainly in the field of city paintings, winter snow paintings, sea paintings, old village houses, etc.

You can order paintings in different styles to your liking - realism, abstract, cubism, impressionism, etc., as well as paintings with various themes - autumn or spring paintings, paintings with nature, lakes, sea, flowers, and more.

We accept orders for portraits of pets and other animals. You can order a portrait of your cat, dog, parrot, or other pet. In rare cases, we also make portraits of people. If you are looking for a reproduction of a painting by a famous artist, contact us. It is possible to paint for you a custom painting, which is already listed on the site, but it is not the right size for you. We can adapt it to the colors of your home or space. You can also order to remake an artwork that is no longer available on the site, but you like it.

For more information contact us or call on the specified phone number: +359 886 687 280