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Charming and cheerful collection with small paintings with birds and some other animals. Hand made paintings with birds with oil paints on canvas. Bird wall art can be used for decoration both a children room or the home and office of an adult that admire bird artworks
Painting Bird
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Painting Birds
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Artists have always been looking for inspiration admiring the huge number of birds and animals on the planet without whom the world would not be the same.. Birds are lovely and fascinating subjects to depict on canvas and they are often present in the captivating paintings of thousands of artists.

Drawing the body, sketching the fur, bringing the feathers to life, adding the sparkle to the eyes, require both technique and skill. It is not an easy job to paint birds or animals realistically and to capture their character.

If you are a bird oil painting lover or looking for a one-of-a-kind luxury gift for someone, we invite you to browse the original bird and animal paintings for sale by DSTOYKOVA. The collection creates a cheerful and sunny spring mood.