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"Emotions in color for beautiful memories"

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"Welcome to my online gallery!

For me, painting is a way to express myself, passion and love. When I paint, I rediscover the beauty and colorful palette of life. I feel satisfied and happy. I believe that we all have the need to find our purpose in life, to make the world more beautiful and harmonious place to live in and to be useful to others. Seven years ago, I realized that my art is interesting to people and the world needs it. My colorful paintings bring positive emotions, hope and light to the humdrum routine of the gray everyday life.

My mission is to make people happier. I seek for my paintings to be positive and to make impact, to radiate happiness, harmony and love and most of all - to convey these feelings to everyone who looks at them!"

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Why choose the paintings of Daniela Stoykova?

Original Painted by hand

Guaranteed High quality

Attention to every detail

The art gallery D.Stoykova and online art shop are created to present the incredible work with oil paints of the bulgarian artist Daniela Stoykova,  as well as to facilitate the purchase of high quality and original artworks.

From December 2022 we opened an art gallery in the city center of Sofia, which you can visit in person and see all artworks with your own eyes. The address is Tsar Asen street 61 (Sofia, Bulgaria)

You hardly need to be an expert to enjoy a home or office filled with original modern oil paintings .   Here you will find attractive art proposals for your home or an original .luxury gift for any occasion. We offer gifts for Christmas, gift for Valentine’s day and other particular occasions. Take a look at the gallery with Oil paintings where you can find various themes of artworks. Abstract paintings landscapes from Bulgaria, paintings with people,   birds and animals. .

The fire of Daniela Stoykova's creative process is born and maintained by the belief in her personal mission in this world - to create art that inspires and makes people happier, excited and overflowing with positive energy.
To those who appreciate her works, through oil painting, she wants to convey a feeling of warmth, light and coziness.

Even the winter paintings   she creates are full of wonderful colors and emotions.
In the seascapes and landscapes of Bulgaria with Bulgarian traditional houses,  she forms a style filled with bright colors, such as pink, coral, sky blue, bright yellow-green, light purple, yellow, orange. And in the city paintings, you will notice the constant red accent . The paintings with flowers are a feast for the eye.

Apart from the carefree mood and the positive energy of Daniela Stoykova's paintings, it is interesting that she paints only the beginning of a provoking story, leaving the observer inspired to complete the plot of the oil painting in his mind, unleashing his own imagination.

The clients of the art gallery remain deeply "touched" by the artworks, and they are not making their purchase simply because of someone else opinion but because they really believe that the paintings of Daniela Stoykova are beautiful, valuable and worth it.

The impulsive purchasing of oil paintings online can sometimes be an exciting and tempting way to diversify your home interior or show your feelings and respect to a loved one with such an exquisite gift.
But whether you are buying art from an online shop or a real art gallery, it's worth it spending a little extra time observing art so as to make the right decision for your space.

The art gallery D. Stoykova and online shop is the perfect way to browse a big variety of artworks and consider buying some fall landscape paintings, spring paintings or abstract oil paintings in a relaxing ,cozy and welcoming environment.

Also for your convenience, all paintings can be sent by courier directly to yours home or office with a preview option, in case you wish to see the condition and actual colors of the painting before you officially purchase it.
So as to make it easier to find the oil painting that fits your home perfectly, we give you our best tips on how to navigate and shop beautiful and original artworks available in our online store and physical art gallery.
1. Research!

There is something special and exciting about learning more about an artist's life journey before purchasing a painting from them. Find out where she's from, what inspires her and interesting facts from her history. That way, you'll feel closer to the person behind that lovely oil painting that caught your eye recently.

2. No rush!

Take your time before making your final choice when buying art. Your choice is an entirely personal experience, the more you know your own taste, the better.
3. Choose a paintings that is compatible your interior, If you are looking for something that will fit perfectly into a home with a modern interior for example, abstract paintings are highly recommended.
4. Think about how much space you have available in your home or office.
Buying art is a great inspiring process, but while it's going on you should also think practically. How much space do you have? What other artworks do you already have at home and are they fitting well with the style and colors of your new painting (if they are supposed to be placed in the same room) Is it necessary and do you want to put frames to the artworks that you will purchase?

5. Ask all your questions.

Here you will get the attention and advice you need! In our online art gallery and physical gallery you can view online or attend in person interesting events and exhibitions. Here you will also find more information about the artist Daniela Stoykova, as well as useful tips for purchasing art.

Feel free to get in touch via call, email or message on the social networks linked below on the footer.

6. Follow your heart!

Oil paintings have their own specific energy that people can feel when they vibrate in the same frequency. This makes them desire to have the oil painting from the first moment they glance at it and enjoy it every day after.

If you just can't imagine not having that great landscape or that exciting abstract painting, then trust your intuition and add it to your art collection.


Quality - The drying process for tempera and acrylic paintings is the evaporation of water, but for oil paintings, it is the formation of a firm surface of the paint exposed to oxygen, light and warmth for long enough.
This makes durability of oil paintings longer over time, even with little care, poor storage or atmospheric changes. The colors of your favorite seascape or city scape will not change even if the picture gets wet unintentionally. The water will run over the paint and it won't crack or change.

However beware not to expose paintings to direct and strong sun lights for too long, because some colors may fade with time, and not to store them in complete darkness for too long, because oils tend to yellow with time and when they stay at dark. Be careful not to bend the canvas with heavy objects because it is made of fabric and is stretchy.

Embossed - The layering of oil paints is as satisfying to the artist's hand as it is to the eye of the true connoisseur. It makes the painting appear as if it is frozen in time between 2D and 3D dimensions. For example, a city landscape painted with oil paints would never look flat and boring as a print.

Bright color - A distinctive feature of oil paints is the bright colors achieved with them – eye-catching and beautiful. In the oil paintings of the artist Daniela Stoykova, you will notice saturated, pure and bright colors that creates a good mood and charge with positive energy. An example of such impactful masterpieces are the flower paintings. Exclusivity - Oil paintings as an art style are more difficult to create. Not all artists, even though with natural talent, can master the technique of an oil painting. Therefore, the artists that can do it really well are like abstract paintings - always a little different from the rest.

Whether you would like to receive more information about an oil painting that you wish to own as an accent in your interior or to purchase a luxury gift for a loved one or your client, feel free to contact us by phone or email -

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Email - danielastoykova@abv.bg -

Personal Facebook profile of the artist - (Daniela Stoykova)
or the business page on the platform (Daniela Stoykova Art Gallery).

Send an inquiry through the contact form. We will be happy to answer all your questions. Consultations are free and do not bind you to the purchase of a painting.

Check out the frequently asked questions and answers page about buying or ordering an oil painting! If you are looking for paintings for hotels visit the page and you will get a special discount.
We also offer framing service. And custom paintings made especially for you – portraits, landscapes, abstract art and all you can wish for.